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Avantgarde Rosso

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the avantgardes

"Our 190s have always been high quality, safe and reliable cars. Today, however, many customers want more. They want to sit in a car that they do not see everywhere, which is specifically tailored to them. A trend that is independent of gender and passes through all ages. That is why we now bring out three Avantgarde models."

eccentric 10th anniversary

The 190 line up met the 10th anniversary in an enchanting fashion - with three vivid-coloured models - the azzurro, rosso and the verde. The intention was to brighten up the long-running model and draw a specific crowd into the showroom. Each of these limited-production models featured distinctive paintwork and upholstery, and each had a distinctive niche.

avantgarde rosso

Kicking off our interpretation trilogy with the artsy Rosso. Finished in charming red-metallic on the outside, the Avantgarde Rosso is an unworldly example on the inside - this unique pattern was inspired by New York graffiti and a local modern art museum. The interlapping colour palette and shape simplicity makes it one of the most memorable interior designs of the period. We are celebrating this intriguing model with our own interpretation - in form of 1 of 49 limited edition run apparel.

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