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MK2 Eighties Sunset

  • Black
  • Blue & Purple
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History behind the design

There is not a lot of people in the universe that don't know about this car - certainly there is a big chance that someone in your family owned one in the past. More than 6 millions cars were built. VW produced various models for the MK2 line up - GTI (both 8V and 16V), Rallye (homologation special), Country (off-road purpose model, four-wheel drive), G60 Limited (supercharged 16V, limited to only 71) and so on.. A lot of aftermarket parts for these cars were produced during the the 80's and 90's. These days Mark II is still going very strong and is really popular among various environments - from stance scene to rally. I own one aswell!

The flashy 80's style

Bright neon colours, compact cassettes, VHS. Just a few things that belong to the eighties tag. Our number-one series "Eighties Sunset" combines visual appeal of synthwave inspired aesthetic with remarkable interior designs of the golden era automotive world. Unsurpassed amount of detail and period-defining colorimetry creates incurable nostalgia with its own identity. In the artwork you can see detailed Digifiz cluster, OEM radio and many more details that we took our time to do.

The final product

All of our designs are vector-based, because we seek to achieve best overall quality. Petrol Passion is trying to only use eco-friendly materials when producing and shipping products around the world - each reuse of a material significantly reduces its carbon footprint. We have done it without any cost to your experience - every customer gets personalized gift packaging and note. Not just design, but sustainability. For the clothing, we print on comfortable tee shirts and sweatshirts using consistent DTG technology.

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