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The S-Chassis 13

  • Black
  • Burgundy
  • Dark Green
  • Deep Blue

History behind the design

The Nissan S-Chassis is well known around the world. The S13 model that we are representing in our artwork won the "Car of the Year Japan" on its release year back in the 1989. The S-series is a popular drift car, especially the S13 through S15 vehicles. It was available with few different inline-4 engines (both N/A and turbo). There is a huge community built around these car nowadays and plenty of aftermarket parts are available worldwide. To be honest, it is hard to find one that is not modified already!

The flashy 80's style

We have tried to represent the pure-stock version of the S13 in a period-correct environment. The geometrical lines represent the 80's and the ending of it. Japanese text on the right-hand side stands for "Sports Coupe" and "Nissan Silvia S13". The particular car in this artwork is a "K's" trim level example. It came with projector headlights, rear spoiler and so on! The K's grade also received turbo-charged engines. There is a lot of designs on the web with modified vehicles, so we wanted to create an exception with this one.

The final product

All of our designs are vector-based, because we seek to achieve best overall quality. Petrol Passion is trying to only use eco-friendly materials when producing and shipping products around the world - each reuse of a material significantly reduces its carbon footprint. We have done it without any cost to your experience - every customer gets personalized gift packaging and note. Not just design, but sustainability. For the clothing, we print on comfortable tee shirts and sweatshirts using consistent DTG technology.

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