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1750 By Bertone

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History behind the design

Bertone was an Italian company, which mostly specialized in car styling. You would hear names like Alfa Romeo, Lamborghini, Lancia, Aston Martin associated with this company. The Alfa Romeo 1750 GTV was designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro (back then he was working in Bertone) - a "Car Designer of the Century" (1999). Giugiaro designed a lot of famous automobiles like Volkswagen Golf MK1, DeLorean DMC-12, BMW M1, Lotus Esprit and so on. Fun fact: Giugiaro was also a designer of Nikon cameras and guns.

105/115 Series

The Alfa Romeo 105 and 115 series coupés were a range of cars based on a shortened floorpan from the Giulia saloon. The 1750 GT Veloce in our artwork was one of them. All of the cars featured a four-banger up 1962 cc with a 5-speed manual transmission. Most of them were running twin carbs and some of them had fuel injection. The GTA models were available from the factory as a high-performance cars for the road or racing. They featured lightweight magnesium parts, lower rear wheelarches.

1750 GTV and our tribute

The 1750 GT Veloce is the center of our artwork. The 1750 also had different body styles - a Spider version (roadster) and the Berlina (sedan). This car replaced Giulia Sprint GT Veloce in the market with a displacement increase up to 1779 cc. Our artwork is a tribute for the 105/115 series and Bertone's Italian design perfection - 1750 is just one great example out of the series. We tried to blend the car with an environment which is closely related to the car. In the background of our tribute you can see a fragment of the Italian alps and interpretation of Stone Pine by the corners.

The final product

All of our designs are vector-based, because we seek to achieve best overall quality. Petrol Passion is trying to only use eco-friendly materials when producing and shipping products around the world - each reuse of a material significantly reduces its carbon footprint. We have done it without any cost to your experience - every customer gets personalized gift packaging and note. Not just design, but sustainability. For the clothing, we print on comfortable tee shirts and sweatshirts using consistent DTG technology.

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